2014 / Favorite Projects
2014 was a really great year, full of awesome projects and assignments. To celebrate this, I chose my favorite 10 illustration projects and put them together in this Behance project (in random order). 
I hope you enjoy them, and I wish you a very happy and creative 2015! 
#1: This is an illustrated poster I made for the Natural Recall project: a communication project that explores the inner workings between the animal and the vegetable world. I portrayed a man who is living in complete harmony with his plants. He is one with his colorful succulents, and his long and thin arms and legs even make him look a bit like a plant himself. 
This poster is exhibited together with other posters of this project in Venice (Italy) and will later travel through Europe. Keep an eye on the Natural Recall website for updates.
#2: The illustration of my personal workspace that I made for Sir Magazine. This workspace is the place where I work on my illustrations every single day. My workspace is my playground, and it never lacks a messy desk and a cup of tea.
#3: A personal project I worked on: the Marching Bird Project. In this self-initiated project I drew all kinds of birds to create a nice illustrated collection. I really tried to focus on staying true to their original shapes and forms, so that they can be recognized immediately, but at the same time I tried to give all 15 of them their own personality. 
#4: One of the illustrations I made for the Boekie Boekie stArt Award illustration contest about Alice in Wonderland.
#5: This is a collage of what certainly was one of the most extensive projects I worked on in 2014. Unfortunately I can't tell you much about it yet because the project hasn't launched. So stay tuned!
#6: The brochure about multilingual raising that I illustrated for Afûk publishers. Graphic design by Buro Klei
#7: The Autumn and Winter illustrations I made for a personal project. 
#8: My contribution to The Monster Project: the undertaking of a passionate collection of artists (illustrators, designers, watercolorists, metalworkers, etc.) who share a common goal: to help children recognize the power of their own imaginations and to encourage them to pursue their creative potential.
#9: The final screen printed gigposter I designed and printed by hand for Vera Groningen.
#10: Although not nearly finished, this personal project is already one of my favorite ones so far! Stay tuned!
2014 / Favorite Projects