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    A new school for Giest, IN designed for the Montessori pedagogy.
Giest Montessori School, Giest Indiana (Theoretical)
   It is possible that the desires that Maria Montessori had for childrens' space approached perfection, and that as I simply followed her recipe, I created something extremely valuable. Montessori method is outside the boundaries of the boundries of American education culture, where students are taught self motivation and time management. Originally for the "unteachable", Montessori now allows Children to excel and find thier own interests and talents at a young age.

The school is used to teach all levels 0-17. Because the students have a single classroom and personal space, the building serves as a collection of little houses. Connections outdoors are made, and hallways that would provide no practical function are removed.
Now entering the student courtyard
Materials like brick, stone, wood, metal paneling, glass, and plantings create an outdoor environment where students can touch and feel different pieces and how they interact. Light materials face north, and Dark materials face south, so that in direct sun, there is an evenness of light.

The older classrooms are downhill so that they share an eye line with the youngest children above. they are equal, aware of each other, but separate.