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25th August runs until the 3rd Sept
Curated by Liam Slevin

David Upton // Laura Mangan // Username: Authenticognomen // Vanya Lambrecht Ward // Kevin Tuohy
Man’s sense of space is closely related to his sense of self, which is an intimate transaction with his environment. Aspects of his self may be either inhibited or encouraged to develop by his environment.  -T. Edward Hall.

Artists were invited to expand on Hall’s statement with regards to physical, economic, political and cultural space. They were also encouraged to question the way in which we communicate, interact and inhabit these spaces, and ultimately, the effect these spaces have on our individual and national identity. 

Liam Slevin is TACTIC's first curator. Liam, a graduate of Limerick School of Art & Design, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Cork. Prior to his involvement with TACTIC he was the founding director of Cork Contemporary Projects which, among other things, ran The Space,
on the South Mall, Cork.  Liam will be curating a series of four consecutive exhibitions.