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Fortuna : North VS South
Print Size: 14" x 11"
Production Dates 7-18-14 /9-15-14
Fortunia started its life as a digital dry point (with a 3:4 aspect ratio). The left image (below) original sketch for North vs South. The right side (below) revisited after act one was finished. The Lincoln figure was lifted and placed (unaltered) into piece - since it represented the thrust of act one.
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Pt. I  North vs South    |     Pt. II Finding Lincoln
Fortuna : Act One (North vs South) 55" x 37"

Production Dates 9-26-14 / 10-23-14

I found a series of maps depicting the day’s events during well-known American Civil War battles. I was transfixed by the ability of the maps to tell a complex story without any supporting text or imagery. It seemed appropriate considering the way my works relying on the chronological snap shots to build a contextual history for the viewer. 

The work can be broken into two parts based on when the image sets changed. The first half features a Stag (protector), the NBA Lincoln (equality), cartoons of BBW exercising (redemption) ,elements of the Dixie flag (less then) and a 16:1 aspect ratio. 

During the production of a piece that does not have a preselected image set I will often commit to an element in this case it was the Stag to serve as an anchor, the one thing that does not change. This forces the surrounding real-estate to evolve. This also creates an environment dependent on attrition where elements are combined and redistilled until they are replaced.
Fortuna : North VS South