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    Discover the story of fresh orange juice by your own drawings. My Part: storyboard, gameplay and animation.
Playfull teaching
To tell the story behind a pack of Appelsientje orange juice, we created an interactive book. Here we ask kids (and their parents) to lend a helping hand by drawing a specific object in each chapter. 
Which turned the story of Appelsientje into your own personal, unique and handmade story. 
A six year old art director
The starting point was retelling the technical story into a fairy tale. To make it more entertaining and educational we’ve added the drawing element. It’s as interesting as dangerous since you kind of give the art-direction into a hands of a six year old. So the key challenge was to control the look and feel while using the added part as a main character of the chapter. 
Since it had to run on all tablets, we had limited data for our design elements. By creating smart sprite sheets of re-usable assets we created 5 unique chapters. All the animations were made in flash by timeline and later translated into a canvas setting. 
It won the Mobile site of the day of 19 june. Download the app or play the game online.
Client            Appelsientje
Date              April 2013
My Part         storyboard, gameplay and animation
Concept        ACHTUNG!
Front-end     This Page Cannot Be Found
Audio            Big Orange
link               start drawing