Looking back '14
That’s my second year as a freelance illustrator and it was an intense and awesome year. I had a chance to draw for such magazines/newspapers like 99U, Wired, New Republic, Creative Review, The Independent, El Pais, Sky&Telescope, The Metro, Dujour, Datum, Udir, Taenk, RA magazine, AWM.

I had a pleasure to work with clients like Siemens, Adobe and Mini Cooper. In these rare moments when I had some free time I did some of my personal stuff too. 
This year my works were featured in: It's Nice That Annual; Computer Arts. Illustration Annual; Directory of Illustration 31; Communication Arts. Fresh.

So take a glance at this pile of illustrations created during 2014 that I’m so proud of. 
Huge thanks to the clients for their trust.
Probably my favorite piece this year.
I was asked to make an illustration for "DuJour Homes & Estates" magazine.
Client wanted to show a luxury interior, abstract city view with a presence of water and to put everything in a bit extreme graphic angle.
More than 100 artists were invited to create the cover of an imaginary magazine, The Parisianer and to express and share their vision of Paris.
I was one of them and it’s my vision of Paris.
More about the project.
An editorial illustration for Usbek & Rica magazine. 
I was commissioned by Almasty (my favorite artdirectors).
An editorial for El País. Spanish people looking for a better tomorrow in NY.
Editorial illustration for Usbek & Rica magazine. Topic: internet. This illustration goes with a text about education and technology in Estonia.
Editorial illustration for the Creative Review. The Night Shifts.
A cover artwork.
AWM #00 is the first issue of the new magazine by Artwort , a webzine about art, architecture, design, photography, illustration and fashion. The magazine is based on just images, structured on Augmented Reality.
Personal piece. Autoportrait in a museum. Full project here.
Cover of Tufts University's admissions magazine.
I was commissioned by the Royal Academy of Arts Magazine, exclusive for members, to draw an illustration on an article debate 'Is beauty an essential consideration in architecture?'
Sky&Telescope magazine asked me to illustrate an article about an astronomer who has an Asperger syndrome.
Personal project.
Few illustrations and an interview for FikaFika.
Now Japan 2014 festival. Check the full project and animation here.   
Cover illustration and a few more illustrations for the quarterly published 99U magazine.  

Theme: distractions how to work better in this modern age when we are bombarded with tweets, emails, texts and etc.

A second collaboration with the Norwegian magazine Udir. The magazine is dedicated to education and training.
I was asked to draw these portraits and some icons for a cover. Full project here.
1992. A bunch of illustrations for a children's book about the Lithuanian independence, unfortunately the book didn't reach the shelves. Full project here.
Adobe hired me to draw 5 cover illustrations for their website based on specific tutorials.

Illustrations for Taenk magazine. "The smell of a good deal"
An editorial illustration for an essay called "Our Illegible Age".
Client: New Republic

The writers stated that the end of Cold War era destroyed all confidence in ideology in the West, which is the will to understand that there are actually a variety of politics, economics and cultures existing in different countries. The writers feel that people now lack the concepts or words to even begin to describe what kind of world we are living in now; the connection between words and things has snapped. The end of ideology has not meant the lifting of clouds, it has brought a fog so thick that people can no longer read what is right before them, as if everyone was in the state of amnesia.
Editorial illustration for Siemens magazine.
The theme: joint venture between Siemens and Accenture. 
In short: connection between OT and IT.
An editorial for the Mini International magazine.
Client: Mini
I was asked to illustrate a story about two Sicilian mountain bikers and their road-trip from Catania to Mount Etna.
Illustration for Superyacht Life Magazine.
A personal artwork inspired by film noir genre.
I did a few illustrations for an Austrian magazine DATUM.

Topic: Europe's and Austria's power system. "What happens to an information society the moment the electricity is cut? Will the so called critical infrastructures work and what if not?"
In a pool. A piece of a personal ongoing project "Portraits from Behind"
New Republic asked me do an illustration about Education.
An editorial illustration for The Independent magazine. "A Tough Day"
Greetigs card for Lithuanian Culture Institute. Collab with Džiugas.
Thank You!
Looking back '14

Looking back '14

That’s my second year as a freelance illustrator and it was an intense and awesome year. I had a chance to draw for such magazines/newspapers lik Read More

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