The digital settles in as background. We remember less and query more. Our identity play would be considered schizophrenic in the last century. We have more friends than ever before yet know new frontiers of isolation. The quantification of our experience haunts us in the form of a persistent history. And we are distracted more than we ever knew possible. These circumstances are paradoxically a description of the near future and a diagnosis of the current state of affairs. The truly timeless is redefined – it has transcended that which is classic; it has become that which is never finished.
a video essay / design fiction by KS12
Directed and Edited by Gabriel Shalom
Designed by Patrizia Kommerell
Produced by KS12
Producer: Karen Cifarelli
Commissioned by MU, Eindhoven
Curated by Angelique Spaninks
Production Assistant: Rob Versteeg
(in order of appearance)
Bernhard Herrmann
Rafaël Rozendaal
Bruce Sterling
Peter Kirn
Jorien Kemerink
Markus Kayser
Elske van der Putten
Vivian van Gaal
Toby Barnes
Mary Flanagan
Ghost Box
Concept and Design: KS12
Electronics: Philip Steffan
Manufacture: Günter Herrmann Lehrmittelfabrik
3D Prototype Modeling: Mendel Heit
Fabrication Consultant: Fons Schiedon
STRP Artworks
E‪dwin van der Heide‬ DSLE -2- (2011)
Marnix de Nijs Exploded Views 2.0 (2011)
Telcosystems 12_series (2010)
Digitale Werkplaats Bristlebots (2011)
Bart Hess Liquified (2011)
Fourcelabs Dance Engine (2011)
Excerpt from “sketch_111229” by stra.
© 2011 Shingo Inao
“Anaxagoras” and “MeeBlip Landscape” by Peter Kirn
© 2011 Peter Kirn
“Melted Rubber Soul” by Campfires
© 2011 Jeff Walls
Special Thanks
Bernhard Herrmann
Helmut Seefeld
Shot on location in Eindhoven, NL during the STRP Festival 2011 and in Hofgeismar, Germany at the Günter Herrmann Lehrmittelfabrik


A video essay / design fiction by KS12 commissioned by MU Eindhoven.

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