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    Turn your click into a car My part: Gameplay, interaction design & animation.
Welcome to the first car race live streamed in banners. On 13 September 2013 the visitors of Hollands four biggest websites could prove if they’re fast enough for a brand new Golf GTI. The challenge: click the car when it enters the banner and make sure you’re the fastest one. 
SCALE 100:1
How can we fit a life-size GTI in a banner? By creating life size banners, meaning 768x90 pixels result in 20 by 4 meters. To do so we painted the websites on an airplane strip in Holland, so the GTI could let his power go on the tarmac.
Our own Stigg raced from banner to banner and from website to website. The hardcore clicker could follow the car with a smart banner system: a special embedded interface told you on which site the GTI currently was. If you missed it, you could quickly follow it by clicking in the banner. And if you want to increase your chances you could also catch the car in the other websites.
Like in the real racing world you could also prep rare yourself before race day. We developed a race game where you could train your reaction and click speed with the previous 6 GTI legends. The game could be played on desktop as well as tablet and smartphone.
The campaign won several (interactive) awards including a Webby, ADCN gold, Eurobest Silver and was Site of the Day on November 17 2013.
Client            Volkswagen
Date              September 2013
My Part         Gameplay, interaction design and flow banner and all animations
Concept        ACHTUNG!
Front-end     This Page Cannot Be Found
Audio            Big Orange
link                Play the Practise game