Protecto Pintura Lavable
Festival Volcán: Silver and bronce - campaign, Silver and bronce - Home and office.
Festival Pregonero: Honorific Mention - campaign, Honorific Mention - best ad.

Client: Protecto Washable Paint
Art Director: Kenneth Prieto.
Copywriter: Fabio Marín
General Creative Directors: Pablo Chaves, Javier Mora.
General Art Director: Joaquín Brenes.
Illustrator: Bryan Rothschild / John Timms - MarteStudio.
Photography: Monkey Studio
 Art Direction
I decided to use over 25 different kind of people to make a lot of drawings but they have to use their left hand because we need to look like a child draw.
Some left hand Drawings.
Bryan Rothschild Sketches.

Then we pick this drawings from Bryan Rothschild to make our first sketches
Marte Studio Sketches

John Timms illustrate a lot of dinosaurs and titanics making different studies of styles and forms. A very amazing work from this artist.
Final Illustrations

At the end we pick the dinosaurs from Bryan Rothschild and the Titanic from Jhon Timms. This because in both cases the illustrations has the felling between a child style and sweetness.
Illustrations from Jhon Timms and Bryan Rothschild
Final Concept Illustrations.