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Photo-Montage Worlds

Photo-Montage Worlds
from paper/glue to digital photography, & explorations in between
I assemble, juxtapose or superimpose diverse elements, all in the service of creating a unified composition ~ a brand new whole, not fractured, but in it’s own logic: complete.
It is my goal to present a glimpse into another world – one made of these disparate elements, but all of them working to attain a kind of seamless essence.
This symphonic aesthetic has applied for me whether I was using three-dimensional materials, digital images, sound or film.

In over four decades of creation and innovation, my curiosity and need to fit disparate elements into a cohesive, magical whole continue to reveal to me windows and doors where others only see bare walls.

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"Urban Anatomy"
Blind Leading the Blind (Question Rituals)     [after Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525-1569)]  created for Burning Man 2017
"I Can't Wake Up (Looking for One Honest Man)" — created for Burning Man 2022
Religion of Robots (Manufacturing Awe) - created for Burning Man 2018
"Haggling At The Mirage" - created for Burning Man 2014

“The Gullible Mass (Expectations From Below)” created for Burning Man 2013

"Canal Street"
"Night Bloom" (for Christa)
"Thomas Pynchon (Revealed)"
"Liminality (Neither Here Nor There)" created for Burning Man 2011

"Chamber of the LionCrab"
"Steampunk Champagne"
"William S. Burroughs" (paper/glue collage)
"How You Look At It" (for M. C. Escher)
"Mystery In The Air"
"Recycling Vermeer"
"Ecstasy Dance"
"Idols In The Wild"
"It's All Theater"
"Revelations In The Balance"
"Eye On the Road"
"Mannequin Junction"
Photo-Montage Worlds

Photo-Montage Worlds

Photo-montage, ranging from tradition glue/paper to digital, and some utilizing both.


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