Design Expo UPH 2014 is a series of events including exhibitions, seminars, and competitions. This event is a collaboration between the 4 majors of UPH School of Design : Visual Communication Design, Product Design, Interior Design, and Architecture.
Taking the major theme "Legacy", the event's objective is to increase the designers' awareness that a good design is way beyond the visual quality. Designers have to sustain a positive impact to the people by reflecting it into their own design. Sustainable design is considered one of many ways to achieve this.
Along with the Design Expo Visual Identity, the event book is designed with turqoise monochromatic colors with a touch of polychromatic thin band. The reason for the monochromatic color approach is to reduce ink use, which is also why the event uses thin legible typeface.
Daily event schedule
The event was attended by distinguished speakers and designers giving seminars and workshops. They also encourage young designers to participate in competitions held. More than 1,000 people attended the whole event and they are greatly inspired by the exhibitions held.
Event Venue Map
The event venue map was designed to help guests navigate through the event. The events held in the area were listed, and the section also gives reference to the page where the event details are explained.
Event details
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Design Expo UPH 2014 Event Book