This is our second project with John McIntyre and his crew at Agency59 (the first was last year's 'Do the World a Favour' campaign for recycling electronics). From the get-go we knew that it was going to be a challenge given the quantity of information that would need to be clearly conveyed, the wall-to-wall VO, as well as the fact that we had a wallet—with a speaking role!—as our central character. Our strategy was to keep the design visually minimal and graphic as possible, relying on unexpected twists, snappy animation timing, and quick transitions to establish and maintain the pace.

On a technical level, because of the complex deformations, dimensionality, and lipsync the script called for, the wallet was rigged and animated in 3D, but rendered with flat colours to look 2D. Some other elements like the coins were also handled this way. The rest of the elements were animated in After Effects. In the end, we had a huge amount of fun creating this piece and hope you enjoy watching it!