Opre' is a natural dry cider, crafted by two brothers (Gab & Rado) and backed by their enthusiastic friends and family members. At the time of their startup in 2014, Slovakia had not much of a cider culture around. As the brothers had tasted some awesome ciders around the world and possessed Heisenberg like know-how of chemistry as well constructing stuff, they decided to give it a shot and make something at least as good themselves. The newly made cidery provided a nice local alternative to the average imported pasteurized-sugary-drinks and Opre' established itself quickly as a valued cider brand.

EETER created the visual identity, communication strategy and package designs to help the cidery define itself. Down-to-earth tone of voice and detailed hand drawn illustrations support and match up the craftmanship efforts and values of the brothers. Bottles open with a twist-off cap, making them notably different from ciders or beer that require an opener.

Beer versus cider

HOPPY is the dry hopped cider produced by the Opre' brothers. It's a cider infused with hops to give it a unique flavor. The product has grown from experimenting to push the innovation of cider making.

We found inspiration from a 90s Czechoslovakian cartoon and the archetypes of the glorious soviet space expedition dogs. Our characters Hop and Py are the cute explorers of the new frontiers in cider making.

EETER.co - 2014 & 2015
Design and Art Direction: Tanel August Lind
Design and Concept: Sander Meentalo
Illustration: Kärt Koosapoeg
Photography: mehehe.sk