Spices of the World

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  • Spices of the World
    Temporary exhibition about the story of spices
  • Concept, design and realization of a temporary exhibition about the origins, the trading and the characters of spices at the Lokschuppen in Rosenheim (Bavaria, Germany).
    The exhibition explains the history of spices, let the visitor taste them, explains the the history of spice trading, what effects causes spices and why there where wars fought for spices.
    The furniture consists mainly of stylized sails and naval transport boxes, which refer to the successful spice trading era in the 15th - 19th century (think of the Eastindian Trading Company) in the european colonies in asia, africa and south america. 
    There are also "Spice Island" in the exhibition, where typical spices where explaind and where tastable for the visitors. The exhibiton was concluded by a statistics room, a temporary shop and weekly cooking-events led by star cook Alfons Schuhbeck.
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