Music comes alive in Mondo Sonoro (2011)
Integrated campaign for the music magazine Mondo Sonoro to improve its digital publication.

Based on the concept “Music comes alive in Mondo Sonoro”, a campaign was initiated where the written and the digital content interact in a very original and at the same time, perfectly integrated way.

The agency took part in the editorial content of a magazine called Mondo Sonoro, a reference in the music sector for more than 15 years. It designed a singular style, both graphically and in an audiovisual way for Sidonie (on the October cover), Lori Meyers and Love of Lesbian (magazine pages and posters for the November and December editions).

Furthermore, an input mask and an exclusive videoclip of each group shot specially for the campaign, were produced. The idea was to create a content that could only be viewed using this technology. Thanks to this, the graphics of each group came alive giving access to an audiovisual content never seen before. For this to happen, the graphics had to be placed in front of the webcam in a new section of which was set up specifically for this purpose. Otherwise the free mobile application has to be downloaded in the Apple Store or Android Market. Both the web’s new section and the mobile application are called Otro Mondo, the place where the written word comes alive.