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Spider-Man —History
I love Spider-Man, he used to be my favorite hero all the way back to when I was at least 5 years old, then Joe Quesada and One More Day came along and I just stopped reading... breaking up Pete and MJ was the final straw.
Still, I love the character. Design-wise I think it's even better than Batman and Superman, it's just a striking design and the fact that there are basically only two basic versions of the character should tell you how great and timeless Spidey's design is, every artist chooses to work from either the classic Romita Sr. version or the Todd McFarlane one, sure there have been some great artists in there and the argument can be made that Mark Bagley defined the character's look for most of the 90s, but still he was working from the McFarlane template. That's how good Steve Ditko's design is!
As much as I love Peter Parker as a character is hard not to root for Miles Morales, whom I think it's one of the best 2 NEW characters to come out in the last 2 decades (Invincible would be the other one).
I wanted to pay homage to one of the fundamental characters in pop culture, his history and the visual transformations he has gone through, there's just so many to choose from so I tried to stay close to what resonates with me, whether it's the way an artist draws his eyes or just the sheer coolnes of the design.
It is fun trying to convey the uniqueness  of each version within a determined set of restrictions, this time being the minimalistic, geometric style I chose to work on.
I guess you can say Spidey and Batman are kind of a set of prints :-)
Hope you enjoy this piece and thanks for stopping by!
You can buy the print, just click on the first image (you know, the actual poster) to go to my HCG store :-)
Spidery poster  — 18x36
Part of a set with the Batman print
Spidey GIF
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Spider-Man —History


Spider-Man —History

A visual recap of the old web-head history