Las Aparicio promotional campaign

We create, wrote, shot and design: Graphics, TV promos, movie theater trailer and a web experience for this mexican series/telenovela for Argos and Telemundo.
Opening Credits
This show is about a mexican family of strong and independent women who doesn't need a man around.  We came with this idea of a good wife guide from the 50's as a counterpoint for the opening sequence and it seemed to work.
TV campaign
We wrote, shot and edited a promo to present each of the main characters psyche and try to go one step further than the common telenovela tv ads.
Series Trailer
We wrote, shot and edited this trailer for movie theaters
Creative concept:   Jerry and Leo Rodríguez
Design concept:     Jerry Rodríguez
Graphic Designer:  Jesús Villavicencio
Web Site and Interactive tools
Here is a video that shows some of the interactive tools that we design for the site.  If you want to check out the full experience click here.