Virtual (projected) scenery for the ice show "Snow King" by Evgeniy Plushenko. Produced during my time as Art-Director at Sila Sveta. 6000x5455 pixels, 12 (or 14?) projectors, over an hour of content.
I did the initial sketches, storyboards, overall art direction, a bunch of modelling and animation, and final compose on most of the scenes. Other credits include:
Motion designers - Anastasiya Chamkina
                                   Maxim Rudakov
                                   Vitaliy Zikov
                                   Maxim Bityukov
                                   Elena Zoubkova
                                   Daria Shurkina
Production supervisor - Denis Astakhov
Producer - Ekaterina Rezvova
I don't have any videos of the actual show, but you may check 'em out  at though the lighting really killed the projections, anyway...
Short compilation of animated scenes:
Final high-res  stills of wall projections:
Some middle-of-production stills:
Shot progression:
Thanks for watching! :)
Snow King