Under the salt 2
I've been working more seriously on talbotypes, calotypes or salt paper (all are right names), trying to define my personal approach, style and technique. These are images created during this process and I'm really proud of some of them. All were made over Galgo's paper, a brand found in some dark store at the downtown of my city, exposure times variates between 5 and 15 minutes.

I've also worked with image taken from the web as a part of my learning process, if do you want to have a more general panorama of what I'm doing please visit my blog and if have the time give me some feedback.
Double exposure an scan of my arms and an scanned black and white negative of some Buenos Aires' building.
Model Jef Guevara, from the Frozen series.
Model the gorgeous Aleja Pardo.
The original is a solarization of my portrait, idea by me, shoot by Aleja Pardo, model myself.
Part of the Le bateau ivre series.
From the Neighborhood's life series.
Part of the Cathexis ongoing project.