As a child, the author often baked berry pies (mostly cherry) with his mother and grandmother. They often used hair pins  to get rid of cherry stones, but this process was rather juice-spitting and quite inconvenient. 
Now there is a large amount of different pitter models, but it seems to us that only few of them are really emotional, easy-to-use and really fit the arm. Thus, an idea of the "Pitty" came up to the mind. A pitter that could be easily used by one hand (both for left-handed and right-handed persons), that may take a cherry from the holder like pincers and push a stone out by a gentle pressing. 

The device itself is a solid plastic construction without any small parts, it is easy-to-wash and is resistant to compliance. The upper part of the spout bends under the pressure and returnes to its primary position when weakening the press. 
The size is comfortable to use both by a child and by an adult. The shape is worked out specially for easier fixation between the forefinger and the middle finger. 
Discuss the concept in this post or in our Russian blog. All photos of the process in our flickr and one of them is here:
The second prototype.
Idea, art direction and project-management : Anton Guglya.
Modelling, visualization: Igor Matveev, Anton Altunian.
Visualization and retouch:  Lena Shabaeva.