Logo Redesign for the
Kalé Beauty Center
Kalé comes from the Greek word κάλλος, meaning beauty. Maria Paola, the owner of the Kalé beauty center, wanted to build a new identity for her business after a few years of activity with a too oriental scented logo.
At first the name Kalé made me think to the Calla, a beautiful flower whose name has the same Greek roots.
The shape of the flower was the inspiration for the accent, making it the main part of the logo.
In the shortened version of the logo, the accent works as a dot for the initial letter of the name. The accent with a different color makes the brand recognizable whether the normal or the shortened version is displayed.

The final result has been applied to a different range of printed products: business cards (300 gsm, letterpressed by Anonima Impressori), a complete stationery set, billboards and, of course, the beauty center sign. The cleanness and simplicity of the typeface I used, Champagne & Limousines by Lauren Thompson, allows the logo to be used in a lot of different context while preserving its elegance.