Covers for books Mann, Ivanov and Ferber
We at Looi Factory created covers for 5 books of the publishing house Mann, Ivanov and Farber.
The main task was to design them fast but awesome.

Useless food
This book is the continuation of the bestselling book The China Study written by Colin Campbell and based on the results of a large-scale eponymous study in the history of mankind on the subject of really proper nutrition. 
We wanted to imitate chalk-style for the cover text, so we made a pencil-like painting.
Your mission 
A practical guide for those who want to discover their life potential, to find a passion, a hobby, the own way. As well as Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and many other outstanding personalities who decided get off the usual University track and to dedicate themselves to what they felt to be the work of their life.
Pie management
A book of Irina Chadeeva that splits the magic of a good cake or a pie cooking into comprehensible steps with a detailed analysis of each of them.
The typographer used a unique calligraphical style he created specially for this book.
The best 100 flavors
"Perfume is a message in a bottle" says the author of the book Luka Turin. The book is a translation of these letters that describe hundreds of classical masterpieces of perfumery art. It’s dedicated to those who love perfume and want to learn to understand it and use it right.
Rescue a cat
This is a book by Blake Snyder, who is known as a writer and Hollywood producer. In his book Blake shares his secrets of screenwriting and gives answers to most questions about creating a script. The author describes techniques that help to create a script with good commercial potential, vivid characters and a catchy name.
Thank you!
Creative Director
Arthur Arsyonov 
Art Director
Igor Stepahin
Art Director
Bogomolov Alexey
Aleksandr Kontariev 
Baha Egamediev
Technical Designer
Ekaterina Cherniakova
Covers for books Mann, Ivanov and Ferber