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Something cool everyday
25  june - 25 july 2011
This project is a kind of challenge that "push" me to do something cool everyday, and post it to my blog. I got this inspiration from someone who did exactly the same, constantly for A YEAR ! As an amateur, I tried for 30 days, and it went well. I could say this much more like a story during my process working on my final project.

Enjoy !
my old design concept for the final project
meeting my best friends, one of them tell me she's getting married at the end of this year !
start to feel the tension, writing to do-list
choosing books to write, another step to creating a whole new concept
finishing the draft bout new concept : YAY
making a tree model for game piece : dough-based, didn't really worked
making prototype of my new concept board game .. soo happy ! : cards
had a double date at seafood restaurant "having a blast after working hard !"
its sunday and I make 'POTARTY' means potato party, everyone's invited for my homemade french fries !
back to work : feel like a robot !
illustrations of Indonesian traditional houses : part of my board game concept
slack off and do nothing :(
our family entertainer : JIMBO ! you all gonna love him !
finishing the series of Indonesian traditional houses. FYI : you're not gonna see this in my final artwork. rejected ! :(
since dough didn't worked out, I bought clay for the first time
my great boyfriend helped me do the pop-up cards :D
its always like this on my first day of period. painkiller is the hero
Chit chat with my lecturer, everything seems fine :)
finishing my 1st printed prototype :)
sneak peak of the characters for my board game :)
spending saturday alone with THIS LOVEY DOVEY DVD
clay prototype : succeed !
find it ! artificial grass in my own hometown :)
playing with dolls, making diorama.
making tree prototype from buttons, and artificial grass
6 tiny money sacks 
jungle :))
pop up cards are done !! so glad ..
fighting !!
more about my project : here and here