Start the New Year right with these custom designed abstract calendars. These designs are inspired by the flow of water through a river or brook. Both designs feature each day of the year laid out by week (starts on Sunday) with indicators for the final day of each month and the current season. Every calendar comes with two magnets: a grey one to keep the calendar on your refrigerator or other magnetic surface, and a hand painted one so you can keep track of the current day of the year. Finally, all calendars come stamped with the "br1" seal of authenticity.
2015 prototype calendars in Fog and Bay
Close up of 2015 lettering
Close up of hand painted "current day" magnet
Full year letter pressed calendar.
Close up of current day: January 1, 2015
Close up of final day of April, 2015
Close up of "br1" seal of authenticity
Image generation through custom written application


Custom printed minimal calendar designs for the year 2015.