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    Larry Warshaw's work in urban development in Austin, TX
Everybody who has heard the name Larry Warshaw recognized him for his numerous projects to conserve space in Austin Texas. By the year 2011 Larry Warshaw designed something that was called a storage locker on stilts. The idea behind this was that lockers that had sixty one cubic feet of space we above residential cars. Needless to say that the lockers had adjustable legs so they were suited to everybody. When the team of Mr. Larry Warshaw offered the prototype for sale they sold 12 of them for about three thousand dollars each. Not a bad deal if you ask any businessman.
This marble of modern architecture has two hundred and twenty condos that are aimed to be sold to middle class of residency so this densely populate part of the city will not be limited to the very wealthy. These condos were sold in the record time for the prices between 200,000 and 400,000 dollars. So I think it is safe to assume that this was one of the best business investments on the behalf of Mr. Larry Warshaw. And I also think it’s important to state that now after the project’s completion the “spring” tower is the seconds largest in this ever growing city. Larry Warshaw efforts have done so much more.
Now what is so special about this that we decided to include Larry Warshaw in this article?
The business model and that is a big understatement of the magnitude of the risk that was involved here. Larry Warshaw managed to successfully complete multiple projects in the set timeline that were surrounding the primary project. Why was this done? By upgrading the quality of the real estate this directly lead to the increase of taxes in the area which ultimately lead to increased tax revenues for city resulting in better public safety, more parks and an upgraded educational system and an overall quality of living. These changes increased the real estate and the land value of all his projects due date, which lead to the rising of the land value on his primary project, the majestic thirty six flour skyscraper that was dubbed the “spring”.
This skyscraper held above two hundred condominiums providing cheap but quality housing for people that were looking for a new home. Later on this business decision has proven to be a sound one because the amount of profit that was generated directly from selling apartments and from the rise of the real estate value was more than enough to prove the point of Mr. Larry Warshaws business model.