The Assignment 

Urban Bistro is a contemporary restaurant with a goal
in bringing a new urban food experience to Jeddah. It is
centered around quick, fresh and simple ready-made meals.
The open, loft-like space establishes itself as an opportunity
to bring communities and like-minded people together
with a modern culinary experience.
The Solution
We were approached to develop the complete restaurant experience
involving brand and identity, interior design, furniture and space planning
of the restaurant. The interiors feature a curated selection of lighting,
decor and custom designed furnishings. While emphasis was placed
on establishing a contemporary, urban chic ambiance - by contrasting
tactile textures such as aged wood, concrete and steel rods with elegant
high-end materials such as white marble and classic ceramic tiles. 
The brand identity responds to the qualities of the restaurant space,
while taking on a minimal typographic approach that enabled flexible
adaptation across the large range of collaterals - from packaging
to signage to print collaterals.

Creative Director: Nuno Abreu
Project Manager: Jorge Abreu
Communication Strategy: Nuno Paiva
Graphic Design: Jiani Lu

Interior Design: Marta Abreu, Sana Maarrawi
3D Visualization: Abdulaziz Alhassan
Urban Bistro