Sunview Raisins
Sunview Raisins Rebrand


History: Rooted in Tradition
Established sixty years ago, Sunview Marketing International began their grape dynasty. Over fifty years ago, founder, Marko Zaninovich moved from Yugoslavia to San Deigo, California and planted his roots in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley. The valley’s warm climate mixed with Zaninovich’s family tradition and attention to detail set a solid foundation for his company which is now operated by Zaninovich’s three grandsons: Andrew, Marko and Morgan.

"The Best of the West"
Sunview prides themselves on their quality supported by their family tradition, modern technology and great attention to detail. This excellence Sunview has exhibited has led them to become one of California’s largest family-owned and operated table grape operations.
Original Packaging
New Hand Lettered Logo
Farm-to-Table Pouches
Going back to basics with this design, I drew from the old-style wood crates used for storing farmed produce. The rustic and natural look brought a holistic and down-to-earth aesthetic to the brand. Because the Sunview company was established by a farming family, I thought it was fitting to create a "farm to table" vibe with the evolutionary packaging.
Sunview Raisins