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    Flyer/poster for the Autumn Market, a gastronomic and fashion pop-up market in the coworking space La Industrial.
00. Briefing:
On this occasion, La Industrial merged together their fashion/design market with their gastronomic one, making one big market in their whole space. They wanted to create a new identity for the event, so I got to it. It had to be trendy, vintage and feature some logo-like center piece that they could showcase in other media over time. It also had to be somewhat brownish and warm since it had to represent an autumn-themed market, but at the same time have some color to it so it would be visible. I started gathering inspiration and decided to go along these lines:
We're aiming for something that's familiar to the target audience here, not for something original. It's just an impression of who we want to appeal to.
01. The flyer:

The idea was quite simple really, I just made use of the red-and-blue-merging trend to represent the merging of both markets. I put together a stock photo of a fashion model which had some rhythm to it while duplicated and a vegetable stand from an actual gastromarket in La Industrial.
When I took them to just black and white they lost all lighting differences like they had always been the same photo, so then I applied some filters, colored it, duplicated it, swapped it and merged. Voilá!
I chose the Homestead typography for the title because it's both vintage and impactful, Abraham Lincoln for the Gastro & Design scroll to make it look select while vintage and Helvetica for the info because, well, you can never really go wrong with Helvetica, specially when appealing to hipsters.
Oh! the Gastro part is on the red because that's the color that you're more likely to associate with food, of course.
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDominguez@Area42.es