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    Branding flyer for the coworking space La Industrial
00. The briefing:
La industrial is a coworking space that used to ask me to make flyers for them on the occasion of different events. I've also helped them with their social media for a while. This time around they needed a simple, generic, branding banner that they could leave at the door so people had something to take with them in order to remember them, share them, keep their contact information etc.
Now, nice and succesful as they are, they didn't have a clear and detailed set of brand values when they started out, so we had to work them out by analyzing what their trajectory had been, what people had liked about them and what they wanted to use as a sales vector.
So this design process was really all about finding these factors, overlapping them all and seing where they all collide.
01. Existing branding material
Aside from the flyers I had done, there was some graphic material that was being used at the time: the logo, the color palette, the website... those were serious but wih a spark of life, fresh and modern and they blended quite well with the general feel of the experience (I had a taste of that during my time there), so they seemed adequate and I decided to go with them.
02. External factors
The space itself is located in the center of Madrid, in the middle of a lot of action, so I decided to draw the attention to the center in the middle of other stuff happening. It's also in the heart of a neigborhood called Malasaña, which is currently conquered by the hipster trend, and we wanted to reflect that. Now there's many ways to convey that such as recurring to hipster-themed iconology or content, but for this project specifically I wanted La Industrial to be the focus, so I opted for a typographic execution, emulating the lettering trend, which would let me be formally hipster but at the same time show whatever personality I wanted for La Industrial through the fonts I'd choose.
03. Internal factors
The three big things that we wanted to represent were space, heterogeneity and activity.
Space was quite easy: I left a lot of almost blank space on the sides and also highlighted the word "space" in "coworking space".
Heterogeneity I got with the different typographies that I used, writing each word with its own tone and personality.
Activity was represented in two ways: by the pace at which the words follow each other, in a rushed fashion, and also taking the photo carefully so I'd put the content in the gap between coworkers.
So my goal was that the spectators would in the end kinda get to see the place, but through all the subjective filters that we wanted them to see it through. When I put it all together, this is the end result that I came up with:
(Bonus fact: next to the word "Corazón" -"heart"- is sitting the graphic/brand designer Oyer Corazón, who saw me taking the picture and really wanted to be close to his second name).
Thank you!
I really hope you like my case study! If you want to contact me to ask me anything or want me to do any work for you, my email is ManuelDomGar@Yahoo.es