Captn Crop Website
The home page's main goal is to clearly convey what Captn Crop 
is all about in a fresh and contemporary way.
The landing page includes informations about the business, the
people, the shop, different collaborative projects, upcycling, contacts
as well as giving users key insights of the ethics and drives
behind the business itself.

/Parallax Effect

In order to achieve a greater level of interaction, visual engagment 
and improve user experience we have extensively invested on  the latest trends in web design like the parallax effect.  
Great creative effort was spent creating a strong, reliable
and easy to use online shop. Considering the 
multitude of Captn Crop’s products we had to  develop
a grid system to clearly inform visitors of the different 
creations available. We used a number of icons paired with
big square images to help users navigate the different 
sections. The alghoritm was built integrating the  
popular WooCommerce plug-in for WP.
As part of the renovation process and digital strategy
 for Captn Crop, we have decided to created a news section
to function as a blog to frequently communicate to their
customers latest in a rapid and engaging manner what are
the latest happening in Captn Crop’s world. 
In an effort to reach visitors in engaging and interactive
ways we’ve implemented a constant feed from 
Captn Crop’s instagram account to provide
returning users with new, fresh content every time
they come back to the site. 
Lacking resources to create either a fully responsive
website or a mobile site, we decided to create a simple 
welcome page for mobile users. We thought that even though
we couldn’t develop full mobile site, we had to acknowledge 
visitors on mobile devices, hence we created a page explaining 
the reasons for not having a mobile site as well as 
prompting users access the site from a desktop. 
Art Direction: Mattia Bernini
Developer: Houke De Kwant
Captn Crop Website

Captn Crop Website

Captn Crop website redesign