ROOM16: MBTI in Interiors
ISTJ: Library-Study
Quiet and reserved. Plans activities and makes decisions early, and performs best in a working situation. May appear cold and distant, but are loyal and caring to those that are close to them.
ESFP: Kitchen
Lives in the moment, experiencing life to the fullest. Likes new experiences and prefers a hands-on approach to learning. Enjoys socializing with others, and has a wide circle of acquaintances.
ESTP: Inventor's Studio
Resourceful, and knows where the fun and actions are. Withholds judgement, and keeps their opinions open. Easily bored but rational, so they can come up with creative solution to problems.
ISFJ: Greenhouse
People-oriented, modest caregivers. Have a responsible, strong work ethic, and maintains order and harmony. May seem reluctant to open up to strangers, but are very compassionate.
ENFP: Beautician's Parlor
Initiators of change and believers of possibilities. Possesses creativity and charisma powered by strong emotions. Idealizes people, and willing to offer help and responds to the need of others.
INTJ: Bathroom
Stable, reliable, and dedicated analysts. Prefers to work by themselves, and strategically capable. Ambitious but private, they are open-minded individuals who do not neglect hard work.
INFJ: Pantry
Private individuals who prefer to exercise their influences behind the scenes. Value-driven, and interested in the well-beings of others. Can be seen as mysterious and highly complex people.
ENTP: Explorer's Attic
Quick to see complex interrelationships. Clever and innovative, they devise unexpected solutions to difficult problems. Less interested in following detailed plans, and prefers generating ideas.
INTP: Museum-Classroom
Quiet, analytical individuals, and curious about how systems work. Spends time by themselves working through problems to form solutions, but enjoys the company of people who share their interests.
ENTJ: Sitting Room
Dynamic and pragmatic problem solvers, unaffected by conflict. Assertive and outspoken, and have charismatic qualities. Processes natural tendency to be marshal and direct.
ESTJ: Laundromat-Salon
Believers of tradition, and brings friends and family together. Aware of surroundings and live in a world of clear, verifiable facts. Eager for change, and likes things to proceed in a logical order.
ISTP: Basement Arcade
Adventurous, examines the world with cool rationalism and spirited curiosity in a logical process. Friendly but private, they enjoy lending their hand to share experiences with people they care about.
INFP: Astronomer's Bedroom
Dreamy, tranquil and reserved on the exterior, but they have a passionate inner life, with deeply held ethics and intense feelings. Flexible, and quick to spot opportunities to implement their ideas.
ESFJ: Dining Room
Takes responsibility to help others and do the right things, and strive to use their power for good. Effective planners of social events, and hold moral compass led by established traditions and laws.
ENFJ: Foyer-Entrance
Natural born leaders with passion, guiding others to improve themselves and their community. Easily see people's motivations, and skilled at connecting events to bring ideas together.
ISFP: Atelier
Exist in a colorful, sensual world inspired by connections with people and ideas. Highly sensitive, and values harmony and the feelings of others. Experiment and explores, and live in the moment.
ROOM16: MBTI in Interiors

ROOM16: MBTI in Interiors

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