Tunnel of experience

Congress Park Radisson Ukraine Moscow
29.09.14 — 05.10.14
One of the key elements of the presentation was “tunnel of experience" - a 15-meter spherical structure made of translucent projection screens with the specially created 3D graphics on them, surrounding the guests and reflecting all the features of the car visually.
Passing through the tunnel, each guest got into the world of Discovery Sport - a world of challenge and adventure, manifested in the atoms of a giant DNA molecule.
Creative and art-direction by Motionbrothers.tv
Production by Zhee-Shee
Art-director, producer: Sergey Ivanchuk
Lead composer: Artem Shcherbakov
3d-artist: Alexander Lutay
3d-artist: Nail Gaynullov
Motion-designer, composer: Ilya Panchuhin
Motion graphic for vimeo presentation: Sergey Romashkin
Render menagment: Max Timoschuk
Land Rover Discovery Sport | Tunnel of experience