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Holt WIP

an illustrative type
A work in progress typeface made based on life in Ugluholt, or in short Holt. In the letters are the plants and animals found there. I'm taking a little break from it but I will finish it in the end, just need some time to get back to it :)

Here you can see the finished project: Ugluholt: Alphabet book
A is for Auðnutittlingur (common redpull - cardeus flammea). 
B is for býflugur go bláber (bees and blueberries)
D is for the flower dagstjarna (daystar)
F is for Fífa 
G is for Glókollur (pretty bird with a yellow head)
H is for Hreiður (nest)
O is for Oddarfi (a flowery weed)
L is for Lúpína (Lupine)
Holt WIP

Holt WIP

typeface project made at school. Still have to finish a few letters, I'll add them later.