The advertising agency Shanghai Berlin commissioned me to produce and direct the new SCHOTT Ceran® Online Advertisement. For this project I teamed up with fellow paper craft artist Ollanski.

The campaign consists of four stop motion animations. All the crafts are made out of paper: each grain of rice, the vegetables, fish, tomatoes, kitchen tools and even the SCHOTT Ceran® technology. The animations were produced in English, German, Korean, Russian and Chinese and the work is being used worldwide. 

Credits: Client: SCHOTT Ceran®
Agency: Shanghai Berlin
Creative Director: Dana Kreidt
Produced and Directed by Ollanski & Cris Wiegandt
Art Direction: Ollanski & Cris Wiegandt
Junior Art Director: Elfriede
Stop Motion: Cris Wiegandt, Elfriede, Ollanski
Paper Craft: Ollanski, Cris Wiegandt, Elfriede, La Mirasola
Compositing: Iara Guedes, Amrei Andrasch, Cris Wiegandt
Photography: Felipe Campos, Rod Di Sciascio, Carolin Wimmer
Sound Design: Tilmann Jarmer
Year of production: 2014


Work in progress

Thank you for your attention!

SCHOTT Ceran® - Online AD