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M11X aka Mikal HameedHigh Fidelity
Solo Exhibition

June 20th"July 20th, 2009
Opening Reception: 20 JUNE 2009, 7:00 PM70 Greenpoint Ave(Between West St. and Franklin Ave)Brooklyn NY 11222

 NEW YORK, NY " Alphabeta Gallery is pleased to present High Fidelity, a solo exhibition of new works by M11X. For his first show at the gallery, this breakthrough artist has created a collection of original large-scale sound sculptures and mixed media sound paintings. HIGH FIDELITY will be M11X’s debut solo fine art exhibition, marking a highly anticipated event for this remarkably accomplished new artist.With this collection the artist calls on us to forget our individualized nature and relationship with our headphones and demands that we start to share our music as it was meant to be; unplugged from our ears and free. M11X’s manifesto blends the iconic image of the boom box and alters the platform to which music is brought to the masses. Toying with the power of music and endless design possibilities he brings beats, rhythm, and life into painting, furniture, and mixed media sculpture.   Attendees are encouraged to bring their iPods, iPhones and other type of MP3 players in order to get the full experience of his work.  About the artistBorn in Los Angeles, M11X moved to New York where he’s been residing since 1999. He is an accomplished designer and creative director where his work has been showcased on the movies and music videos he has been a part of. The Gallery
The Alphabeta gallery is the first of it’s kind - a 5,000 square foot indoor and outdoor space, with completely renewable wall area for painting (live and pre-show), ventilation designed to handle aerosol fumes, and a raw energy built to foster a movement. For more information please call 718 383-4444 or visit www.alphabetanyc.com or alphabetashop@gmail.com