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    A Typography project of my personal logo.
The Chris Westover Logo
For this project I played with different fonts for many hours trying to create a logo that best fits my personality. Creating a formed logo with things like good contrast, negative space, readable, and simply attractive to the human eye. It was amazing how much time it takes to find the right one, so here are a list of logos that I had come up with and the winner of the group. Using a serif and a san-serif type face was a requirement as well, finding type faces that go together is a huge part of a good design. 

Also part of the project was designing a plate with your logo on it, so that's thrown in here as well. Thanks for checking it out.
CW King
CW big C little w
CW elegant
CW luxury
CW pulse
CW weaving W
CW graffiti w (WINNER)
Plate that describes me, with the logo on the top
Trinity Plate
Crosses Plate