Google analytics gives you that edge you need to excel.
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    Google Analytic' s gives you that online edge to see which of your clicks is actually turning into sales.
Why do I need Google Analytics for my small business?
What is Google Analytics?
Google Analytics refer to free web service software that is provided by Google. In order to have this, all you need to do is to add some code to your website and it will automatically start tracking and storing all kinds of very useful information about how people find and use your website.
Importance of Google Analytics to small businesses?
In the era before the internet was invented, for small businesses to attract potential customers into their stores, they had to rely profoundly on conventional advertising, word of mouth and impressive front window exhibits to entice onlookers. Though some of these methods were effective, it was virtually impossible to measure just how successful or unsuccessful were the techniques used.
For example: there were no means to know whether a particular customer decided to come in because they had actually planned to do so; or if their visit was a last minute decision after seeing something they like while passing by the store; or maybe they saw an advert in the newspaper, or they had been browsing around but did not buy anything. It was also not possible to tell the time when they came into the store, places they looked and how long they stayed in the shop? In most cases, decisions made were based on assumptions and these were not very accurate. Most times, business owners just anticipated that the money used to advertise and attract clients was being well spent.
The 21st century storefront
Times have changed, and as an upcoming, small or established business owner living in the 21stera, the utmost possible first impression point that most prospective clients are likely to interact with your business is definitely not your storefront; thus if you do have one, and it’s also certainly not a newspaper advert of your brand, but your magnificent business website.
Think of your business website as your new storefront, your cybernetic shop-window and view Google Analytics as a near-sighted camera, basically as your eyes everywhere that keeps track of everybody incoming at, roaming around and departing your store.
What you can benefit with Google Analytics
Exactly how your visitors found your website, i.e. through the social media, internet search engines or via links on other websites.
Whether they are first-time visitors or regular visitors.
In what ways did the visitors move through the site, for example; if they stayed for a while and read through the site? Or rather did they get bored and vacate the site right away?
By what means did they access the website, e.g. was it through a mobile phone? Or probably they were just doing some virtual shopping at their desktop?
The rating of main conversion points on your website, these can include the pages on your site such as newsletter sign up, feedback form or contact form where prospective clients can convert to a lead just by entering their particulars.
However; the above mentioned points are just a small ration of the metrics that Google Analytics permits you to track and understand what really happens across your domain. In a nutshell, before the invention of Google Analytics, most business owners would need to hire a market research firm or a professional to conduct surveys on certain actions taken by customers. But that is a thing of the past, now, business owners have free access to even more information anytime they wish and its accessible right at your desk free of charge.
With Google Analytics, not only do you attain priceless insights pertaining certain behaviours portrayed by your clientele but you also get to observe facts rather than assumptions or speculations and this allows you to assertively make informed decisions on where you need make improvements on your website. For long term goals, this basically means more of right traffic to your website and indeed more sales and profit.