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    A typeface done at a typography course - fall 2011
Harmony Typeface
I made this typeface at a Type design course at Iceland Academy of the Arts fall 2011.

The assignment was to research one type designer and one of his typefaces. I chose the Dutch designer Wim Crouwel and his typeface Stedeljik. Crouwel worked for the Stedeljik Museum in Amsterdam and one of his most famous posters, is the poster Vormgevers. He used an underlying grid for most of his work for the museum and allowed the grid to come through. He drew the letters  V O R M G E V E R S  but did not finish the rest of the alphabet. It was not finished until The Foundry drew the rest of it, and made it as a usable typeface.

What I did is I drew diagonal lines over his grid and made my typeface after that grid.