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    Brand Identity for Online specialists Candoo.
is a pioneering talent management company that discovers potential and development needs
for executing a given strategy in candidates with comprehensive, virtual day-in-the-life simulations. The simulations can be used to both assess new candidates and discover and develop top talent within your current leadership. Actionable and clear report follows the simulations.
Two main concepts underscore Pinsight™ logo design: The different stages of the hiring process,
and the focus on choosing only the best and most suitable candidates.To depict the stages, we chose the universally-understood symbol of traffic lights. For the focus on the right choice, we picked the arrow symbol; the primary goal of an arrow is to hit the target.

Then, by combining and simplifying these two ideas, we created the three-arrow symbol. We focused on making the symbol easily recognizable under all circumstances. We made sure the image would work well on its own, without text, too.
Office Application
Idea Story
Stationery Application
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