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FIDM Museum & Galleries Exhibition Catalogue
Fabulous! Ten Years of FIDM Museum Acqusitions, 2000–2010
: exhibition catalogue
Fabulous! Ten Years of FIDM Museum Acquisitions, 2000–2010, accompanies an exhibition at the FIDM Museum & Galleries that showcases two centuries of fashion (1800s–2000s). The design of this catalogue was based on a grid structure that allowed the page layout to be both structured and flexible. The catalogue has been divided into six historical periods: Empire Period 1800–1836, Expansion Era 1837–1865, Commodity Culture 1866–1901, Modern Age 1902–1945, Mid-Century Years 1946–1963, and Postmodern Times 1964–2010. A gate-fold timeline introduces each chapter giving
the reader a synopsis of significant events of the time period. The catalogue contains beautiful garment details, designer drawings and croquis, as well as a complete object list, foreign fashion terms glossary and a thorough index.

Awards and Recognitions / PIASC Graphics Night 2012, Best of Show, Best of Division