BUK U is a digital bootcamp offered by BKWLD, an independent digital agency in Sacramento, California. The summer-long bootcamp walked me and 19 other interns through BKWLD's unique approach to the world of digital creative. We learned about a user-first approach, thoughtful UX strategy, creative concepting, and on-time & on-budget delivery.
Our client, the Crocker Art Museum, needed help raising sales at the museum's gift shop and cafe. We were split into teams of four interns and assigned a mentor from BKWLD who guided us through the process of researching the client, developing creative solutions, and pitching our solutions to the Crocker Museum.
My team's pitch involved a two-phase approach, starting with expanding the marketing and web presence of the cafe/gift shop, followed by a digital and physical redesign of museum's first floor. At the end of the summer, the Crocker Museum selected my team's pitch as the winner! 
BKWLD encouraged us to think of our teams as independent creative agencies. I designed a logo for our team to brand our work and to help set us apart from our competition.
TeamEthan's Logo
Part of our solution for expanding the Crocker Cafe's web presence involved creating the Crocker Cafe Express, an online ordering system for the cafe. I designed high-fidelity mockups for Crocker Cafe Express's desktop and mobile interfaces.
Crocker Cafe Express desktop interface
Crocker Cafe Express mobile interface
Our redesign of the museum's first floor included a large-scale projected wayfinding path. We drew inspiration from the neighboring Sacramento River and designed an animated river of words. The projected river would flow through the first floor toward the entrances of the the cafe and gift shop, drawing visitors inside. To convey our idea to the client,  I created a sample animation of the word river and superimposed it over of a photo of the entrance to the cafe.
TeamEthan's game faces.
BUK U 2014

BUK U 2014

BUK U is a digital bootcamp offered by BKWLD, an independent digital agency in Sacramento, California. The summer-long bootcamp walked me and 19 Read More