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    More Gouache Paintings.
Sticky Monkey With Mistletoe. © Bill Mayer 2014
Happy Holidays! From Bill Mayer Inc. © Bill Mayer 2014
This series started as a reflection on the world through dream-like visuals. Continuing the Strange Dreams series, these little gouache paintings are painted with the dark dreams that sometimes seep into your subconscious, and in this series of paintings, I tried to put those strange dreams down on paper.

     All of the paintings are done in gouache on watercolor paper. At first, the series would have some finishing touches in photoshop, but have been moving toward solely traditional mediums. They’re an ongoing experiment with medium and composition and the potent nature of dreams, and to me there’s a sense of poetry in the playful use of surreal elements. I think there are no deep dark hidden secrets. It’s just fun to play with the emotions art can generate. I believe color is really emotion. Color choices are made to reinforce those emotions.
The Warrior No.1  © Bill Mayer 2014
The Warrior No.2 © Bill Mayer 2014
The Warrior No.3© Bill Mayer 2014
Turkey Dinner
The Black Squirrel © Bill Mayer 2014
The Black Queen. © Bill Mayer 2014
Sticky Monkey. © Bill Mayer 2014