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    Campaign against a ban on affirmative action for Michigan's 2006 ballot and self-published book called The Guide to Blue Activism.
No On 2 & Guide to Blue Activism
Year-long senior thesis project at the University of Michigan School of Art & Design
The fall 2006 ballot in Michigan included Proposal 2, a state amendment banning affirmative action. To start my senior design thesis at the University of Michigan's School of Art & Design, I designed a logo and three posters which aimed to succinctly communicate the consequences of Prop 2. The posters were used to acquire over $2000 in grants, which allowed us to print thousands to distribute on campus and to other universities in the state.

After developing the posters and logo, I organized dozens of volunteers to implement the campaign on campus over three weeks, in cooperation with several campus groups. We flyered campus kiosks nightly, screen printed over 900 fabric patches for backpacks, spray-chalked sidewalks, made large-scale banners, and deconstructed the logo to make a cheap ‘patchwork quilt’ treatment on posting walls. Photos of the campaign were featured in The New York Times and The Michigan Daily.

Following the campaign, I decided to build a resource for future activists at Michigan. I researched, wrote, and designed The Michigan Independent’s Guide to Blue Activism. which profiles four contemporary campus activist groups and provides historical context for each. It includes a timeline of activism at the university, along with "how-to" resources for the next generation. The book was written in collaboration with staff members of The Michigan Independent, a progressive monthly campus newspaper. The book was self-published through LuLu.com and sold on campus.