Equipped with a canon 550d, and two lights, I shot this short film and edited it in 5 days due to a few unfortunate circumstances (The previous one). This is the updated version. After 7 months I looked back at the project and thought its never to late to make a few changes. Edited in Apples Final Cut Pro and Apple Color. I Hope you enjoy it.

Minor changes in editing
Added Rhythm to the story
Minor improvements in shot composition
Minor improvements in sound and music

As an upcoming filmmaker, with not enough resources and man power, you tend to do most of the work yourself and the more you learn, the more you realise that every aspect in film is important, and that is why you have different people involved, specialised in what they do. Since I had to do most of the work myself, I had to reshoot this film, with the little budget I had. I edited the reshot material and uploaded it. After learning more about film and storytelling, I looked at the film again and with feedback I felt the urge to make some minor improvements in the editing. Never take editing for granted, it plays one of the biggest roles in storytelling. So here is my final output! No more reshooting or reediting.

Thank you to all those involved.
Thank you for watching.