Marvino's League of Superheroes
Marvino's League of Superheroes was written by Rae Rival-Cosico, and was published by Adarna House in 2014. The story won 1st place in the Short Story for Children category of the Don Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature. I'm so happy and grateful I got the chance to illustrate this! I was scared at first, because I don't usually draw superheroes or muscly men. It was a challange, but with the help and feedback from Eli the AD and some friends, I kind of love the way everything turned out. 
The story is about a little boy from a small town named Marvino, who imagines and draws Philippine National Heroes as superheroes with actual super powers. He wants so badly to get into the newly opened toy museum, but he can't afford it. In the end, he gets a super surpise. You can see some excerpts from the book below. Warning: spoilers ahead!
If you don't want to be spoiled, you can go get a copy of the book from Adarna, or from National Bookstore outlets :)
"In the town of Majayjay, a museum of toys was newly opened. People said it was filled with superheroes."
"So instead, he kept a notebook full of drawings of superheroes that he liked, and new ones he made up. Most of them were inspired by the valiant Filipino heroes his history teacher often talked about in class."
"Our history teacher is so animated when she tells the story of the Himagsikan and other important events in the past...I secretly imagine that some of the heroes wore capes and possessed super powers when we play the game."
"Marvino liked talking to Mr. Emilio. He discovered that when Mr. Emilio was 35, he became sick and his legs were paralyzed. So, he got into drawing and other hobbies that allowed him to be creative with his hands."
"Marvino was filled with so much joy because he could finally enter the museum! He could finally examine all the ninjas, soldiers, and superheroes that the other kids talked about."
"Everyone, I would like to introduce the creator of the League of National Heroes Collection that I have sculpted,
my good friend, Marvino!"
Marvino's League of Superheroes