Logos & Marks — I
This is a selection of logotypes & marks developed by Value Studio in 2014—2015 years for various clients.
Custom lettering is used almost in all logos. All material represented in monochrome variant.

We believe that reached the goal logotype should be simple, scalable & timeless.
Art Director
Protected Cloud Services.
Consultancy offering help with English language learning in Murmansk, Russia.
ID—OM (pron. "ideeom")
Public web resource about visual identities.
The Infraction
Online game about Mafia of 1930s.
Hustle Studio
Graphic design studio from Almaty, Kazakhstan.
Distributor of cosmeceutical products from Moscow, Russia.
Funky Letterpress
Letterpress workshop based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
In collaboration w/ First Sense.
Graphic design studio based in Murmansk, Russia.
Alexey Rubashkin Atelier
Ателье «Алексей Рубашкин» (cyrillic)
Atelier specializes in sewing men's shirts based in Murmansk, Russia.
Personal monogram.
Elline Moda Confection
Women's clothing brand from Murmansk, Russia.
РосИнтерМаркетинг (cyrillic)
Online marketing studio based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Air System
Manufacturer of fashion-salons oriented machines based in Moscow, Russia.
"Free Сallisthenics" school of Elizaveta Druzhinina
Школа «Свободная пластика» Елизаветы Дружининой (cyrillic)
School with three directions of study: choreography, yoga and psychology based in Moscow, Russia.
Logo proposal for electronic music producer from Krasnodar, Russia.
Personal monogram.
Logo proposal for electronic music producer from Krasnodar, Russia.
Pixel Deer
A trubite to unknown soviet painter.
My Angel Cafe
Кафе «Мой Ангел» (cyrillic)
Cafe serving soft ice-cream desserts delicious like in USSR based in Saratov, Russia.

New Century Plus
Logo proposal for recruitment and consalting agency based in Murmansk, Russia.
Спорт (cyrillic)
Exhibition about soviet sport.
Agency providing full range of design & coding services.
Curating organization which aims to develop culture and new media in the European North.
Some pencil sketches of our usual work process.
Thanks a lot for Your time & support!
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