My Photo Album
My Photo Album (Ang Aking Photo Album) was written by Genaro Gojo-Cruz, and published in 2013 by Vibal LG&M Corporation. The story is about a young boy looking through his family photo album, missing his parents who work overseas. As he sees each picture he reminisces about those moments and looks forward to the day when they will all be together again. 
For this book I used a mix of watercolors, colored pencils, acrylics, and bits of collaged paper.
"I always look at our photo album, especially whenever I am by myself and lonely. I feel happy seeing pictures of me when I was still a baby. There is always a picture or two, or even more, for each of the first times in my life."
"But the pictures I love the most are those of me with Nanay and Tatay. It has been a long time since they were with me at home, with Lolo and Lola. I really miss them a lot!"
"I like that picture of Tatay in front of a tall building in Sweden when he worked there as an engineer. I like that picture of Nanay with her students in a school in China, where she taught them English."
"But what I love most are the pictures of the three of us together. I really, really love that photo of us as I blew the candles of my birthday cake on my fourth birthday. I also like that picture where they put a medal on me the day
I finished Kindergarten."
"Whenever I see pictures of the three of us, I begin to miss Nanay and Tatay. do they miss me, too?
When will we be together again?"
"It's like this: whenever Tatay comes home, Nanay isn't there. And when it's Nanay's turn to come home, it's Tatay who isn't there. They don't get to see each other, and they don't come home together. The world is really, really far and wide!
Don't they both miss each other?"
"I could almost feel Nanay and Tatay in the photo album. I know they are coming home very, very soon! I could almost feel the joy of being with them! Not only will I get to meet them but also both Nanay and Tatay will finally see each other!
I know they already miss each other a lot!"
My Photo Album