The Scribe Newspaper
Layout Design - Issue 1 Spring 2011
The Scribe is the newspaper at the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, CT. While I was attending the school studying graphic design I became the Layout Editor at the end of my Sophomore year. I am continuing to perform my layout duties as while they look for an other student to take over. Each semester they produce a total of six issues (which was reduced to five this semester with the advent of a web site) and I have done a total of 15 issue sine 2010.  While I was the Layout Designer at The Scribe not only did the university staff notice a big change in the quality of the look and content of the paper, the paper expanded from only eight pages to 24 pages.

Doing the layout is for the most part straight forward; enter the copied text from the word document to the appropriate text boxed in InDesign, make sure the appropriate images are with the right articles and make sure everything on the check list is included in the paper. The challenge come when an article doesn't fit, there is a blank space that needs to be filled with an ad that needs to be made up or a writer doesn't submit there work and I am left with a blank space that I need to figure out what to do with it at the last minute.
This issue present me with problems that I had not had in the past, too much empty space. As annoying as it  was to have all of these blank pages, it gave me the opportunity to be a little creative.
Basic layout - On this I was able to use the typeface "Sketchy Smiley" in place of an image for the article "Take if Easy"
created "Join The Scribe" ad
created "Trends for less" logo, "UB Trendsetter of the Week" bar code logo and "Follow @TheUBScribe" Twitter Ad
created ad top right
created ad top right
created all ads on page, photographer for ad top right, and header for "Ask The Scribe".
created ad at bottom as well as photographer for photo use for the ad