Dreambook - Nightmare
covering your natural identity never results in good.
[ Illustrations of a nightmare ]
in congruence with the intensity of the dream, the book has a very raw, hurriedly-put-together feel with the process of the making unabashedly apparent on each page. the colour scheme, sloppy brush strokes, and raw/asymmetrical sketches add to the anxiety and nausea.
each page and piece is hand-cut, therefore each is slightly different in size. scraps from the illustration process are glued to the front and back covers, bearing quotes by Rabindranath Tagore and Tolstoy about image and beauty. fraying canvasy fabric binds it together.
this work is very symbolic, each stroke and each colour, the handwriting staggering progressively with each page as the tension grows. the book is designed in a journalistic-style after when i wrote about the nightmare the morning after it invaded my unconsciousness. this is viewed from the mirror's perspective.
beauty is Truth's smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.
[ rabindranath tagore ]
13 august 2013
the mirror saw it all.
I will never know if it was me or the makeup.
But it flooded my eye.
My heart stopped.
I stared.
Then it happened.
darkness was all I could see.
where am I?!
I cried out for help but no one came.
At long last I felt my heart again.
I mustered courage to see closely
my heart stopped again
it is amazing how completely is the delusion that beauty is goodness.
[ tolstoy ]
Dreambook - Nightmare

Dreambook - Nightmare

illustration of a nightmare.

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