Typography Projects
Project 1 - Vector "Type" Face
This project was to replicate your face using type. The face was created with vectors for blacks and greys to construct the face.  I created text boxes that included items from internet memes and then masked them with the shapes aside from the nose which was built with paths and varying font sizes and the glasses created from the charcters I, J, C and ")".  The end result is shown on the left.  The right image was created afterwards with texture.
Project 2 - Book Cover Series Design
This project consisted of creating 3 book covers using actual book dimensions and making them a series noticable through type and design.
Psychedelic Poster

This assignment was to redesign an existing poster for an event called "Peace Fest". We were to find fonts that matched properly with the event content.

Project - Advertisement for Bat Zone at Cranbrook Institute of Science
The assignment was to create an ad in a magazine of our choosing using their media kit for dimensions, bleeds, etc.  Bats were pre-drawn and converted to vector.
Logos with type
This was a logo design assignment where the primary design was to come from 3 letters of our choosing.  The idea was to create logos in conservative to more radical styles  I decided on INK as an acronym for "Invisible Ninja Karaoke".